Question: Better boutique apartments or a unique villa in Sardinia?

Today we are in Baia delle Mimose a small village at the seaside in the north coast of Sardinia, located in the municipality of Badesi, just steps from the natural boundary line formed by the mouth of the river Coghinas. The river since years separates the two municipalities of Badesi and Valledoria but separates also the two historical regions of northern Sardinia, namely Gallura and Anglona. The village was built partly in the late seventies and early eighties and in part in the recent years, some developments are currently under constructions. Nowadays, the village being a touristic vocation is inhabited during the summer time, but just a few decide to live there all year, so the few shops are open only during the main season. The village of Baia delle Mimose is about 5 km from the towns of Badesi, Viddalba and Valledoria where you can find shop, banks, bars and restaurant open all year. The harbour of Porto Torres is about 35 minutes and Alghero Airport can be reach in about an hour. The investment which I’m going to talk about today, is a 8 units apartments into a villa in Sardinia, northside, over 500sqm built on a plot of about 2500 square meters, the estate is bordering the beach that with its length of about 13km is one of the longest in all of Sardinia. This property was built in the early 90s, and although today all the constituent units are perfectly functional, a wise expert touch could be an added value for an investment already interesting itself. The owner does not consider today the sale of individual units, but only the entire property. The price is establish in 1,25m euro, probably open for a negotiation. The villa was built as mentioned before at the beginning of the 90’s and enjoys a privileged position being built next to the sandy dune, the plot of land directly borders the beach which is accessed easily from the plot or by public footpath that runs alongside the land owned. The strictly laws regulations about constructions and urban planning currently existing in the Island, gives an added value to this villa in Sardinia. Today is almost impossible to build something new so close to the sea. This villa enjoys its strategic position for what it is definitely a very attractive investment, at the same time is unique, as said before, a property in the first lane of more than 500 square meters facing the wonderful sea of northern Sardinia. Today, the potentials of the house are different, you might consider to join all the apartments into one villa, for what could become one of the most important properties of the entire area, or you may think of renewing existing units for rent or for a resale. The property that we have personally visited is on two levels, the ground floor we have 6 of the 8 units which are making the villa while in the first floor are the other 2 units. The most interesting solutions of the ground floor units are definitely the apartments N° 1, 2 ,5 and 6 with respectively one, one, three and two bedrooms, the units N° 3 and 4 are a little bit penalized by the fact of being partially buried seeds and looks a bit dark inside. The two units on the first floor are the real highlight of the property, very attractive apartment N° 8 where can enjoys a beautiful view of the sea, which is quite rare in the village of Baia delle Mimose because of the presence of the sand dune that prevents visual to 95% of properties present. Even in a time of crisis like now, the current trend of the market always takes into consideration the good positioning of the buildings and the walking distance properties always have the advantage of maintain a high market value. This lovely villa in Sardinia is recommended also for those who like to run a small business is a good starting point for a creation of a small boutique houses or apartments. For more informations contact the seller Homes in Sardinia at