Stazzo Gallurese an old property for sale in Sardinia…..Stay away from the risk!!!

If today you are looking to buy some of the many old property for sale in Sardinia, firstly you must know that being experts in real estate market and laws means having to live with a numbers of problems as many properties in the area have the documents not in order or sometimes happened that the documents are completely missing. For example in the famous region of the north-east of the island called Gallura, even during this strong moment of economics crisis we are experiencing, one of the most wanted property the so called “Stazzo Gallurese”, an old rural house or rather an estate comprising several homes into a big plot of land. Normally owned by the same family that built in it a small self-sufficient company linked to the peasant’s world, with the name of Stazzo or Stazzu is called today the typical country house or farmhouse settled in the Gallura region, Sardinia Island, Italy.

Thanks to my main business of estate agent, I got the opportunity to treat several properties of this kind and I found out, personally or through our business partner, that in a high percentage of cases we are having various problems with these real estate transactions, documents missing or incomplete and often problem with building permissions. Nowadays thanks to the increasingly strict laws which are regulating the constructions and the building permit the properties documents must be really in order to don’t have risk of  problems with the law, it means that today all the documents are deeply examined. One of the main problems that occurs when you decide to buy a “Stazzo Gallurese” is to find and get from the vendor a valid ownership title of the property, often happened that many years ago the property change ownership just following some private contract. In Italy a private contract doesn’t represent any valid title of ownership, in many case this was the faster and cheap way to deal due to the distance from small villages and Notary office that was used to be in the city. You have to think about at the years when the people move only with the horse, the pacific agreements between the parts was the easiest way but unfortunately not valid for the Italian law. One of the main problems that normally we face, is to make the vendor understand that even if he is holding the property for the last 40 years, is not officially the owner, and without a series of documents he can’t legally sell the house. Lot of owners are thinking that if the house is registered at their name in the cadastral office is enough, unfortunately in Italy the cadastral is not giving the title, only a deed done by public notary or in some case by the court can give the right title. Once this is clear to the parts begins the most difficult part of our work when need to find all the puzzle pieces and reconstruct the history of the house. An exciting job but sometimes also frustrating because it happens to be close to the solution and yet another X factor complicates things. Think about the fact that they had passed many years, and that the property has changed hands from generations, happen in some cases we are dealing with one owner but legally 80 people have shares and right on this property itself. Think about that is common in many families find people that for various problems they doesn’t speak each other anymore, is always a real slaughter try to mediate and talk to those who doesn’t want to listen. A good advises for who is looking to buy an old property in Sardinia is to be assisted by a professional agent or by a real estate expert solicitor. If you should decide to submit a proposal be sure that the contract is clear and will provide certain guarantees to don’t lose money. Finally we can add that the buying process of a “Stazzo Gallurese” can hide several surprises even when originally may seem like a very easy transaction, so I would recommend to never go forward in any way without being protected and without having in the hand all necessary documentation. If today you are a clients who is about to begin the search of a property like that, you must know that in some cases the whole buying process due to the Italian bureaucracy, may need up to 12 months or more to be completed. A striking example is when we treat properties in the immediate vicinity of the coast that present problems related to unauthorized building or part of it, to sort out this problem, when is possible, need also really long time to obtain the necessary new licenses. Other cases of very long time deal is when sellers in the absence of title but in peaceful possession of the property for over 20 years need to present to the court a practice of adverse possession to obtain the property ownership, 8-10 months needed. In this post I explained the problems that clients can find during the process to purchase a “Stazzo Gallurese” but this concepts can be applied to other property as well, whether land or house, therefore a thing to don’t do absolutely is to not make things in a hurry and follow the professional advisors expert in this field. If you need more assistance or more info you can always contact me. Click here to see all the old property for sale in Sardinia at Move to Sardinia Real Estate listing..