Are you looking for a Stazzo Gallurese to buy???

Beware of the risk!!!


Today, being expert in real estate services sector means to deal with different problems, such as properties with insufficient or missing documents.

In Gallura, a vast area of northern Sardinia, one of the most sought-after property is the so called “Stazzo Gallurese”: these ancient estates usually included other residences within the same unit and plots of land, more or less extended. This kind of estates where usually owned by the same family unit and used as small family-business linked to the agro-pastoral field. 

Today the term “stazzo” refers to those real estates typical of northern Sardinia, of Gallura area in particular. 

In the years of our business running we dealt with lots of real estates of this type, and a good percentage of them had a common problem: the availability and legal validity of documents.

Today’s modus operandi in real estate market is completely different: the increasing search of information leads to a detailed study of legal practices that once passed unnoticed.
One the biggest problems  when you decide to buy a “stazzo Gallurese” is to obtain a valid property deed: in not too distant times people used to buy properties with written agreements rather than with public deeds drafted by a notary. This kind of “shortcuts” were used to solve notarial expenses’ issue, but especially because the few notarial offices were often difficult to reach in times in which long distances could be covered only riding a horse.

One of the biggest problem we have to deal with, is letting the owner(s) understand that the deed he owns is not legally valid and that doesn’t certify its property. They’re often convinced that being holders of a real estate in the real estate registry means also being legally owner of it…..but its not so!
Here starts our part of professional real estate agents: We need to collect all the informations available, reorganize them and retrace the history of the estate.

It is an interesting work to do, as well as sometimes frustrating.
It happen to be close to the resolution of problems and new ones pop out, right to make everything more difficult. We often deal with really ancient real estate, handed down from generation to generation: we happened to have only one owner but at least other 80 entitled people to it. In these cases, our job goes far beyond simple mediation!
We often have to deal with families whose members don’t speak each other anymore. Trying to mediate with someone that doesn’t want to listen could be a true challenge!

That’s why is a good habit ask to be assisted by a professions of sector, or a specialized lawyer, before making any official purchase proposal.
Before an official proposal, be sure the contract is clear and provides guarantees to prevent money loss.
The purchase of a “Stazzo” could hide bad surprises even when it appears as an easy transaction: That’s the reason why we suggest to not take any initiatives without being protected and without all the necessary documents.

If you are considering to buy this type of real estate, remember that in some cases the purchase process can take a lot of time (sometimes more than 12 months) because of the italian burocracy.

It’s the case of real estate in the near proximity of coasts: in the major part of them, we have to deal with problems linked to illegal construction and these kind of things need time to be fixed. 

Another example of issue take place when sellers don’t have a legal deed of the property but are owners of the property with a pacific agreement, sometimes also from more than 20 years. In these cases they need to obtain the legal property of the building with an acquisitive prescription procedure before sell it.  

In this article we spoke especially about the problems related to the purchase of a “Stazzo Gallurese”, but the same problems could concern any other type of real estate.
Our tip is to never be in a hurry and to rely on a qualified personnel, always.

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